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Could using the right weights help your workout routine?

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Eating the right foods after workout should be your number one goal

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Cardio workout essentials

Cardiovascular exercise improves oxygen consumption by the body. It's an essential part of every exercise program.


Simple But Effective Tools

Get great results by using bands! Used for your legs, biceps, triceps,(Adductors/Abductors), allows all kinds of various ways for resistances training!


Why Is High Intensity Interval Training So Popular?

Better known as High Intensity Interval Training You burn much more calories in a shorter amount of time than regular cardio training. You use (ATP-PC, Glycolic, and Oxidative) The 3 major sources of energy. You are able to increase muscular endurance in your major muscle groups. You are using for that specific cardiovascular activity, thereby increasing your ability to work more efficiently at higher workloads and increasing your overall performance. You burn more FAT calories as training at any other intensity level for the same period of time.

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Eating The Right Foods

healthy eating We all know that we should be getting more fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy. But can the produce we eat help ward off negative cognitive changes, such as short-term memory loss, as we grow older? 


Exercising With Stability Balls

stability Ball Training There are all kinds of exercises we can do with Stability Balls besides using them to work our Core/Abdominals.  We have put together a few examples of how you can use them.


The Truth about Fitness is........

The truth of the matter is that fitness has the capability to affect people on perhaps a more fundamental level than any of these other vital issues. In short -- it has the ability to make just about everything better. Stress levels decrease, mood improves and energy levels elevate. We enjoy better sleep, we are more productive, have more mental acuity and we just plain look and feel better.

TRX Training

Patty Instructing a class

TRX blasted its way into the fitness arena approximately 5 years ago.  Unsure about the impact it would have in the Fitness Arena, it has become one of the most popular tools to assist us with our fitness goals!

Free-Weight Tips

dumbell trainingWhen using free-weights it's really all about form and not the actual weight of the DB. This is a rear deltoid fly exercise using 3 pound weight in each hand. Notice she is not compromising her form by trying to lift her stomach off the the bench to get the lateral raise.

Replenish With Water

watterProper Hydration is very important during any workout for peak performance. It is vital to replenish your body. Proper workout hydration is nessesary and will keep you going.

Its Tea Time Somewhere!

Did you know if you drink a cup of tea, it helps prevent strokes?  GREEN AND BLACK teas contain a key ingredient named: bioflavonoids, compounds that increase capillary strength, which in turn reduces the chances of a stroke, so have a cup today and RELAX!